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Cucumber Basil Gimlet

Cube about 2 inches of a cucumber so that you have a large handful of 1/2" square cubes. 

Fill a mixing glass with ice; add cucumber and a small handful of basil leaves and muddle lightly to crush the cucumber and "express" the basil leaves; then, add .5 ounces lime juice into the mix. Next, add 1/2 ounces of simple syrup (1:1 mixture of sugar and water) to the glass and 2 ounces of your favorite vodka. Finally, Cover and shake.

Double-fine strain (Hawthorne Strainer to mesh strainer to your drinking glass) into a glass filled with ice.

Garnish with a lime, cucumber wheel, and/or basil leaf. 

Imagine frolicking in a green meadow (optional).

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