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Arrive Logistics

Through a friend of Wally's who works on the staff of Arrive Logistics -- a "freight broker" founded in ATX in 2014 -- we received an invite to serve drinks at a company party at the new, South Austin HQ. With only a few days to prepare and a big event already on the horizon, we happily took on the challenge. Luckily, we were only asked to serve beer and wine, which meant that we didn't have to devise any specialty cocktail recipes or batch-make Old-Fashioned's for several hundred people. We simply hit up our local Total Wine & More and bought a whole bunch of Austin Beerworks six-packs and 25 bottles each -- Pinot Grigio (Dark Horse) and Columbia Crest (Cabernet). And so, on Tuesday, October 15th, we set out to 7701 Metropolis Drive #15 with coolers, drinks, and plenty of ice.

We set up the trailer just outside the event hall entrance and were provided a makeshift bar inside (two stand-up desks pushed together covered with a tablecloth) to serve from as well. At 4:30, the party kicked off and we were bombarded by requests for Pearl Snaps and "a glass of the white." Soon, we actually ran out of our iced-down beer and one of us had to make a quick run to the nearest liquor store to pick up some additional six-packs. About halfway through the event, the skies turned black and it started to rain so we moved all of our serving to the inside bar.

All in all, it was a successful event with some great folks from Arrive Logistics (who also know how to party). The beer options included:

Austin Beerworks: Pearl Snap Pils, Peacemaker Anytime Ale, Fire Eagle IPA, Blood Orange IPA

Karbach: Hoppadillo IPA

Modelo: Especial

Blue Owl: Sour

Independence: Native Texan

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