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What to drink while quarantine-ing...

Ok, so, it's Friday night. You and your roommates, or you and your significant other (or whomever you happen to be "quarantine-ing" with) are thinking about trying out some new cocktail recipes. What do you make?

Ok, so naturally, you are going to have to work with what ingredients you have (or else procure them from a neighbor, delivery service, etc.) and if it's Sunday in Texas, you won't be able to order or pick-up from your local booze shop.

Nevertheless, what follows are a few ideas for how to enhance your Friday nights at home (under the current circumstances).


1. Make some homemade grenadine. Then, use it to make the best Tequila Sunrise you've ever had.

2. Make a boozy milkshake.

3. Try making some simple syrup and use it in one of these classic cocktail recipes:

Daquiri: 2 parts white rum/ .75 parts fresh lime juice/ .75 parts simple syrup (shake with ice & strain into fancy glass)

Old-Fashioned: 2 parts bourbon/ 2 teaspoons simple syrup/ 3 dashes Angostura bitters (stir and garnish with expressed orange peel)

Whiskey Sour: 2 parts whiskey/ .75 parts fresh lemon juice/ .75 parts simple syrup/ half of an egg white (optional)

Margarita: 2 parts tequila-blanco/ .75 parts fresh lime juice/ .75 parts orange liqueur/ 2 tsp. simple syrup (or if you have some agave nectar on hand you can use that!)

Sazerac: 2 parts of bourbon or rye whiskey/ .25 parts simple syrup/ 3 dashes Peychaud's bitters and 1 dash Angostura/ Absinthe rinse (put all in a chilled tumbler and garnish with an expressed lemon peel)


If you don't feel like (or don't have the ingredients for) making cocktails, there are a bunch of restaurants that are delivering either the ingredients for or already-mixed cocktails to your doorstep. Sadly, The Roadie ATX is not fully-deployable under the current circumstances, but if you ask nicely we'll prepare some delicious drinks for your #quarantinecrew and deliver to your doorstep! Ok, now back to Tiger King...

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